Mants is an integral part of a group of Engineering companies, which operates in all technical areas of Engineering, for this reason it benefits and has Know- how available as an integral part of the services it provides.

Security services

MANTS has a set of competitive advantages, which make it a reference in the market where it operates.

Consulting And Auditing

Services essentially associated with fire safety in buildings based on legal requirements and applicable legal standards.

Mants provides specialized counseling services in the area of Fire Safety in Buildings, carried out by specialists, who guide the client in order to help him reach his goals.

Special Technical Installations

The works carried out are fundamentally associated with technical installations in buildings and infrastructure.

Design and conception of Special Technical Installations in terms of Fire Safety in Buildings


Mantsprovides training in the area of Safety (Safety) according to the Customer’s needs.

Training organized and developed in a theoretical and practical perspective that provides trainees with the essential knowledge and techniques for the development of their tasks with the best results.


Mants organizes and monitors the performance of exercises and simulations, in accordance with self-protection procedures and with the RJ SCIE.

A simulacrum has the main objective of verifying emergency procedures and action, testing human and material resources and, ultimately, testing the emergency plan and the entire emergency organization of a building or enclosure.

SCIE Projects

Mants develops Fire Safety Projects in Buildings, for any type of use and risk category.

The Fire Safety Project in Buildings (SCIE) is mandatory in all types of uses and risk categories. To ensure that the solutions adopted are the most appropriate and efficient for the installation, MANTS develops its projects in line with the designers of the other specialties. Articulation and coordination in the design phase means construction and installation without unpleasant surprises…and expensive ones.

Self-protection Procedures

Mants Mants develops Self-protection procedures for any Type Use in accordance with RT SCIE.

The Self-Protection Procedures consist of safety organization and management procedures having as principles, the guarantee of the maintenance of the safety conditions defined in the project through a minimum structure of people and emergency response equipment.

Our Work Process



Diagnosis of Fire Safety conditions in Buildings (Fire Risk Analysis, recommendations for legal compliance and improvement of fire safety levels).


Value Proposal

Presentation of a proposal suited to the needs of the Client.



Development of Works Acting on Two Vectors:
  • Client`s Needs;
  • Regulatory Requirements.


Monitoring of works, implementing the necessary and foreseen procedures.



We validate the entire process through Official Entities and/or through Audits/ Tests/Simulations.

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Mants, Safety Services, has
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